All-inclusive short break for motorbike riders

A short break hotel deal from the Hotel Württemberger Hof in Rottenburg.

Suggested tour for motorbike riders

From Rottenburg via Mössingen up onto the Swabian Alb, then continue to Sonnenbühl and Salmendingen. Back down again via Killer to Hechingen, then further on to Haigerloch. Further on via Heiligenzimmern until you reach Rosenfeld, and then on to Rottweil. From there, onwards via Oberndorf through the Neckar valley until you arrive at Sulz. From here, head into the beautifully romantic Glatt valley and continue into the town of Glatt, then follow the road to Horb. Through the Neckar valley via Mühlen, going past the Weitenburg castle, then head back towards Rottenburg.

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Things to see

  • The old Bishops' and Roman town of Rottenburg with cathedral and historic market place
  • The Salmendingen chapel
  • Caves on the Swabian Alb with stalactites and stalagmites
  • Hohenzollern castle with its spectacular view
  • The old town centre of Haigerloch with its castle church
  • The old town centres of Rottweil and Oberndorf
  • Moated castle at Glatt

In the price for the short break, we include

  • 2 overnight stays in a double room with shower/toilet
  • 2 x 'fitness' breakfasts from our generous and extensive buffet
  • 1 x nourishing packed lunch with fruit and a cold drink
  • 1 x fresh draught beer, fresh from the barrel
  • 1 x suggested tour
  • 1 x tourist map of the Stuttgart and Swabian Alb area
  • Carport or barn for parking motorbikes
  • Water facilities available in the carport
  • Facilities for drying clothing and equipment

Package deal price

  • EUR 130.00 per person in luxury room
  • EUR 135.00 per person in studio or family room
  • EUR 45.00 single occupancy surcharge

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